Satarma, a musical project born in the mind of Escila Reynard in 2021, has evolved into a six-piece band made up of Mandy, Alex, Escila, Régis, Kaj and Mallory. Since the release of their first album, Akashic Records, in January 2022, the group has been exploring sounds with psychedelic influences and lively rhythms. In 2023, Satarma released Planuit, the result of a week’s experimentation in the mountains, followed by Kangiten, which enchanted listeners with its captivating compositions.
Full of optimism and surprises, their music is like a journey through a bewitching forest, vibrant with mysterious colours. Like a road you’d already taken in a dream.


Escila Reynard

Vocals & Guitar

Satarma lead guitarist

Alex Veuthey

Lead Guitar

Satarma drummer

Nicolas « Kaj » Jacquemin


Satarma keyboard player

Mandy Collaud

Vocals & Keyboard

Satarma bass player

Régis Meunier


Satarma guitarist

Mallory Favre

Vocals & Guitar